Sports : track events, field event : long jump, high jump. 

Equipements : Olympic Trakc 4m / 6lanes

Characteristics : Mondo 8mm

Suitable for training and competition
Blades: full
System height: >12mm

Outside lights
Endorsed by Labosport
All accessible to para-athletes


Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - piste et course d'athlétisme en MONDO


Sports : Football, rugby, football 5, visually impaired football, hearing impaired football

Equipements : Football and rugby filed (portable goal posts and rugby poles )

Characteristics : 100X60M

Built in 2011 – Ecological

  • Thorough use of the facilities; built to endure
  • High quality fibers, shock absorption and energy restitution.
    100% made of natural materials
  • Odorless
  • No splashes during the game
  • Excellent stability for the players
    Outside light system
  • All facilities are accessible to physically impaired athletes
Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - sport et handicap en Lozère


Sports : Volleyball (3 courts), Handball, Basketball (3 courts), Badminton, Wheelchair football, Boccia, Tennis, Archery, Martial sports (judo, karate…), Table tennis, Artificial climbing wall (12m, 7b).

Equipments : 

  • Sports floor class C3/C4 April 2011
  • Gymnasium floor surface : 44×25 m.
  • Martial sports: 120m2 tatami
  • Table tennis: 24 tables, seperations
  • Handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton courts, and electric wheelchair soccer (equipment, storage rooms)

Characteristics : 

  • Taraflex Endurance System
  • Floor with surfacial deformation
  • Strong built, made for wheelchairs
  • The Endurance composite substructure in combination with Taraflex Surface withstands heavy loads such as handisport over the long term.
  • Vertical deformation: < 5 mm
  • Linoleum floor coverings
  • Locker rooms
  • Lighting : 1 Lux
  • Radial heating
  • Grandstand
  • Blackout Curtains

All the facilities are accessible for athletes with disabilities.

Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - entrainements sportifs CPJ en Lozère

Rehabilitation and recovery center

Activities : Weight rooé, balneotherapy, Rehab pool

Equipments : 

  • 2 weight sets
  • Sauna, spa, hammam
  • Pool

Characteristics : 

  • 2 guided posts
  • Squatting cage
  • Olympic lifts
  • Dumbells
  • Sauna (for 6)
  • Spa (for 9)
  • Hammam (for 12).

All the facilities are accessible for athletes with disabilities. 

Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - espace balnéothérapie lozère


Sport : mountain biking, trail, orienteering

Equipments : 3 fitness trail accessible in hiking trail (5, 7 and 12 km), dirk bike courses, wilderness

Characteristics : thinking maps available (IGN and official orienteering maps, compasses, orienteering clip, etc.). 

Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - activités adaptées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite

Tennis court

Sport : tennis

Equipments : 2 outdoor courts, 1 indoor court (in the gymnasium).

Characteristics :

  • Outdoor court : quick surface and teraflex surfaces, outside lights

All the facilities are available for athletes with disabilities. 



Complexe Euro-méditerranéen - centre sportif handisport en Lozère