The Euromediterranean complex was created in 2010 by the Association Lozérienne de Lutte contre les Fléaux Sociaux (A2LFS) which is the management structure of the site. In accordance with these values and objectives, A2LFS wanted to facilitate access to vacations and to the practice of a physical activity adapted to people with disabilities. This is how the Euromediterranean complex project was born. Always in this logic of inclusion, it appeared obvious to develop an offer of Adapted Organized Vacation (VAO) in parallel with the possibility of autonomous stays for families or groups of friends with one or more disabled persons. 

This is why today the Euromediterranean complex of Montrodat is unique in its kind by combining on a single site a tourist offer and an athletic offer totally accessible to all types of disabilities.

A2LFS, an association under the French law of 1901, noting the difficulties, or even the impossibility for people with long or temporary disabilities to have access to places adapted for vacations and/or for the practice of sports, and in accordance with its values, wished to develop a place where people could share moments of conviviality for vacations with family or friends, but also to practice in complete safety a physical and athletic activity for leisure or competition.

This desire to include people with permanent or temporary disabilities is the DNA of A2LFS, which for over 80 years has been developing a quality offer for children and adults affected by illness or disability in LOZERE.

More broadly, integration through sport and the right to vacations for all are natural objectives for our association which, since its creation, has placed the individual at the center of its concerns.